Inspiration & Process


Why not make your own?  

Gather together:

-all your scrap wrapping paper from over the year, old magazines and newspapers, old books that you don’t mind ripping up;

- glue, scissors, tape, sequins/glitter (optional but highly recommended ;-)) ribbon, gold or other colour marker pen

- stiffish card

What to do:

1) choose the size of your card, cut out either double that from your stiffish card so you can fold it in half (landscape or portrait) or leave as is and punch a hole in the top, threading a ribbon through so it can hang on a tree as well as be propped up to display it

2) Create an inverse border by cutting a piece of paper to slightly smaller than the front of your card, I like the old book pages for this. Stick on.

3) grab the funnest or prettiest pieces of magazine. newspaper, or wrapping paper, cut into a roughly circular shape that fits on the front of your card.  Fold in half, half again and half again, so you are left with a cone shape.

4) Snip little bits out of each straight edge and cut a long groove down the middle of the cone (not all the way!) so that it resembles a sort of V shape.  The less paper you are left with at the end, the finer your design when unfolded.  Don’t be afraid to do several practice versions!

5) When happy unfold your snowflake (yes!) Remember to admire.  Stick to the front of your card on the inverse border;

6) decorate around the border or along the arms of the snowflake with glitter or sequins (optional) 

7) You can also write a personal Christmas greeting on the front of your card

8) et voila!  These are the polar opposite of overly polished, soulless shop bought christmas cards.  They have heart, and they are pretty and they are made by your very own fair hand!

9) And if you don’t have time - you can always buy personalised cards here. Made with exactly the love and re-use/re-love principles :-)

Enjoy!  Tweet me your efforts!